Computer Graphics

Andreas Kriegl

Date: 23 July 2003

These are the notes for the lecture course with the same title which I gave in the Summer-Semester 2003. It contains all the material I treated and offers also some additional informations. I inserted lots of links to the www but, of course, can not guarantee, that they will persist. I also included links to the original documentation of Pov-Ray. They are denoted like [pov:1.1.1]. In some chapters links are collected at the beginning, in others they are spread throughout the text. I prepended them sometimes with $ \bigstar$'s in order to indicate their subjective relevance for this lecture course.

I would be very happy to receive any feedback for these notes and I will try to take it into account in the next version.

Remains to wish you all an inspiring reading,

Andreas Kriegl

Andreas Kriegl 2003-07-23