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[58] G.N. Arzhantseva, D. Kielak, T. de Laat, D. Sawicki, Spectral gap and origami expanders,
Commentari Mathematici Helvetici, (2024), in press.    pdf   NEW !

[57] G.N. Arzhantseva,  P.-A. Cherix, Quantifying metric approximations of discrete groups,
Annales de la Faculté des Sciences de Toulouse, (2023), in press
.   pdf   NEW !

[56] G.N. Arzhantseva, M. Steenbock, Rips construction without unique product,
Pacific Journal of Mathematics, 322(1) (2023), 19.    pdf   NEW !

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Characterizations of Morse quasi-geodesics via superlinear divergence and sublinear contraction
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G.N. Arzhantseva, Asymptotic approximations of finitely generated groups,
in Research Perspectives CRM Barcelona-Fall 2012 (Trends in Mathematics),
Birkhäuser, Basel, vol. 1, 2014, 7-16.     pdf    book    

[38] G.N. Arzhantseva, J.-F. Lafont, A. Minasyan, Isomorphism versus commensurability for a class of finitely presented groups,
Journal of Group Theory, 17(2) (2014), 361-378.    

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Coarse non-amenability and coarse embeddings,
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[34] G.N. Arzhantseva, C. Drutu, and M. Sapir, Compression functions of uniform embeddings of groups into
Hilbert and Banach spaces,
Journal für die Reine und Angewandte Mathematik, [Crelle's Journal], 633 (2009), 213-235.     pdf

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   abs   pdf

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Examples and open problems, Geometriae Dedicata, 124(1)  (2007), 5-17
.    abs   pdf.

[28] G.N. Arzhantseva, V.S. Guba, M.V. Sapir, Metrics on diagram groups and
uniform embeddings in a Hilbert space
,  Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici, 81(4) (2006), 911-929.   abs  pdf.  

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   abs   pdf

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 Advances in Mathematics,
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[16] G.N. Arzhantseva and A.Yu. Ol'shanskii, Generality of the class of groups in which subgroups
with a lesser number of generators are free,  Mathematical Notes, 59(3-4) (1996), 350-355.    mathscinet  pdf    

[15] G.N. Arzhantseva, Generic properties of finitely presented groups,
PhD thesis, Moscow Lomonosov State University, December 1998.

Books (edited):

[14] G.N. Arzhantseva, A.Valette (eds.), Limits of graphs in group theory and computer science,
Fundamental Sciences, EPFL Press, Lausanne, 2009, 305 pp.   

[13] G.N. Arzhantseva, L. Bartholdi, J. Burillo, and E. Ventura (eds.), Geometric group theory,
Trends in Mathematics, Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel,  2007, 253 pp.   book

Submitted papers and preprints:

[12] G.N. Arzhantseva, L. Paunescu, Constraint stability in permutations and action traces, arXiv:2304.07656.    pdf

[11] G.N. Arzhantseva, D. Osajda, Graphical small cancellation groups with the Haagerup property, arXiv:1404.6807.    pdf

[10] G.N. Arzhantseva, C. Drutu, Geometry of infinitely presented small cancellation groups, Rapid Decay and quasi-homomorphisms, arXiv:1212.5280.     pdf   

[9] G.N. Arzhantseva and T. Delzant, Examples of random groups, (2008):
first version (October 28, 2008), revised version (August 26, 2011). 

[8] G.N. Arzhantseva,  An algorithm detecting Dehn presentations,
 preprint, University of Geneva, (2000).   abs  intro  pdf

Proceedings / e-tutorial (refereed):

[7] G.N. Arzhantseva, J. Díaz, J. Petit, J.D.P. Rolim, and M. Serna, Broadcasting on networks of sensors 
communicating through directional antennasAmbient Intelligence Computing,
Proceedings, CTI Press and Ellinika Grammata, 2003.    abs  pdf 

[6] G.N. Arzhantseva and J.D.P. Rolim, Considerations for a geometric model of the web,
 Approximation and Randomization Algorithms in Communication Networks, Rome, 2002,
1-11, Proceedings
, Carleton Scientific.    abs

[5] G.N. Arzhantseva and J.D.P. Rolim, Computability and Complexity, e-learning theoretical 
course of the Virtual Logic Laboratory (a project of the Swiss Virtual Campus), 90 pp. (electronic tutorial).    abs

Short communications:

[4] G. Arzhantseva, A. Thom, A. Valette, Finite-dimensional approximations of discrete groups,
Oberwolfach Rep., 8(2) (2011), 1429-1467.     pdf 

[3] G. Arzhantseva, Uniform embeddings of groups into a Hilbert space,
in I. Hambleton, E. Pedersen, A. Ranicki, H. Reich (eds.), Manifold perspectives,
Oberwolfach Rep. 6(2) (2009), 1527-1529
.    pdf

[2] G. Arzhantseva, The uniform Kazhdan property for SLn(Z), n>3, l'Enseignement Mathématique 54(2) (2008), 12.

[1] G. Arzhantseva, The entropy of a group endomorphism,
in G. Knieper, L. Polterovich, L. Potyagailo (eds.), Geometric group theory, hyperbolic dynamics and symplectic geometry, embeddings of groups into a Hilbert space,

Oberwolfach Rep. 33 (2006), 2044-2045
.    book

Lecture notes:

G.N. Arzhantseva and M. Lustig, A first course in geometric group theory, graduate textbook project.
G.N. Arzhantseva, Geometry of small cancellation and Burnside factors, lecture notes of the Borel seminar minicourse.
G.N. Arzhantseva, Infinite groups: Growth and Isoperimetry, lecture notes, the IIIe Cycle Romand de mathématiques.

Conference announcements:

G.N. Arzhantseva, Genericity of Howson's  property of finitely presented groups,
International Algebraic Conference dedicated to the memory of  D.K. Faddeev, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 24-30 June, 1997. Abstracts, 158-159. 

 G.N. Arzhantseva, Generic classes of finitely presented groups,
International Conference "Modern problems of Number Theory and Applications", Tula, Russia, 9-14 September, 1996, Abstracts,  p.9.

 G.N. Arzhantseva, Generic classes of finitely presented groups,
International Conference "Mathematics. Modeling. Ecology" Volgograd, Russia, 27-31 May, 1996. Abstracts, p.23.