VO 250105-1 Ergodic Theory I (6 ECTS)

Lecturer: Prof. Henk Bruin

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On December 8 there is no (online ) lecture due to a public holiday (Mariae Immaculate Conception).

The lecture of January 12 and 14 are not taking place. Instead, I encourage you to look at Exercises 23-27 and send them by January 17. I intend to do an exrcise session on January 19 or 21.


Due the Covid19 measures strengthen, lectures are all online online, so the below is obsolete.

Day Time Room fromuntil
Tuesday 8:00--9:30 HS2 Lecture06.10.202026.01.2021
Thursday 8:00--9:30 HS2 Lecture01.10.202028.01.2021

Contents of the course

This is an introduction to ergodic theory, that is: the study of how invariant measures play a role in dynamical systems. Topics to be discussed are likely to include
- Invariant measures in various standard examples (both finite and infinite);
- Ergodicity, unique ergodicity and proving ergodicity;
- Poincaré recurrence and Kac' Lemma;
- Ergodic Theorems;
- Induced transformations, Rokhlin towers and similar results;
- Transfer operators;
- Connections to notions from Probability Theory (Mixing, Bernoulli processes).

The course will be given in English


Slides of Lectures


Will be based on an oral exam (in English by default, aber auf Deutsch ist auch möglich) and sufficient participation in the exercise section (for which I want to reserve one slot every other week).


Course material (Hand-outs)

Updated January 18 2021