VO 250138-1 Ergodic Theory I (6 ECTS)

Lecturer: Prof. Henk Bruin and Dr. Davide Ravotti

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Thursday June 22 was the last day of the course. For the oral exam, please contact Davide Ravotti for appointments untl July 7 and Henk Bruin for after July 10.


Day Time Room fromuntil
Monday 9:45--11:15 SR11 Lecture06.03.202326.06.2023
Thursday 8:00--9:30 SR11 Lecture02.06.202329.06.2023

No classes on: March 13 (Rektorstag), April 3-14 (Easter break), May 1st (Labour day), May 18 (Ascension day), May 29 (Pentacost), June 8 (Corpus Christi)

Contents of the course

This is an introduction to ergodic theory, that is: the study of how invariant measures play a role in dynamical systems. Topics to be discussed are likely to include

The course will be given in English


Week LecturerTopicRemarks
Week 1
Thursday March 2 Bruin Introduction
Week 2
Monday March 6 Bruin Poincaré Recurrence
Kac Lemma
Hawkins Chapter 2
Thursday March 9 Bruin Koopman operator
and its spectrum
Bernoulli shifts
Hawkins Chapter 4.1
Week 3
Monday March 13 Rectorsday
Thursday March 16 Ravotti Von Neuman Ergodic Theorem Hawkins Chapter 4.2
Week 4
Monday March 20 Ravotti Maximal Ergodic Theorem Hawkins Chapter 4.3
Thursday March 23 Bruin Birkhoff Ergodic TheoremHawkins Chapter 4.3
Week 5
Monday March 27 Ravotti Spectrum of the Koopman operator
Unique ergodicity: definition and basic properties
Hawkins Chapter 4.4-5
Thursday March 30 Ravotti characterizations of unique ergodicity.
Irrational rotations are uniquely ergodic.
Equidistribution mod 1 and Weyl's Criterion
Hawkins Chapter 4.5
Week 6
Monday April 17 Bruin Circle rotations (Koksma-Denjoy)
Normal Numbers
Benford's Law
Hawkins Chapter 4.6
Thursday April 20 Bruin Continued fractions
Gauss map
Week 7
Monday April 24 Ravotti weak mixing, mixing
multiple mixing
doubling map is mixing
Hawkins Chapter 5.1
Thursday April 27 Ravotti Characterizations of weak mixing Hawkins Chpater 5.1
Week 8
Monday May 1 Labour Day
Thursday May 4 Ravotti Rohlin partitions Hawkins Chapter 5.2
Week 9
Monday May 8 Bruin Exercises List of exercises
Thursday May 11 Bruin Exactness Hawkins Chapter 5.5
Week 9
Monday May 15 Bruin Transfer operator
Thursday May 18 Ascension Day
Week 9
Monday May 22 Bruin Bernoulli shifts
Koopman operator
and its spectrum
Hawkins Chapter 6.1
Thursday May 25 no class
Week 10
Monday May 29 Pentacost
Thursday June 1 Bruin Class cancelled
Week 11
Monday June 5 Bruin Markov shifts Hawkins Chapter 6.2
Thursday June 8 Corpus Christi
Week 12
Monday June 12 Bruin Perron-Frobenius Theorem Hawkins Chapter 7.1-2
Thursday June 15 Ravotti Applications
Hawkins Chapter 7.3
Week 13
Monday June 19 Ravotti Existence and bsolute continuity
of invariant measures
induced maps
Construction and ergodicity
Hawkins Chapter 8.1-2
Thursday June 22 Bruin Examples of induced maps
Chebyshev polynomial
Boole's Transformation
Hawins Chapter 8.3
Week 14
Monday June 26 Ravotti No class
Thursday June 29 Ravotti No class

  • List of exercises


    Will be based on an oral exam (in English by default, aber auf Deutsch ist auch möglich).


    Course material (Hand-outs)

    Updated June 22 2023