Elliptic Hypergeometric Functions in Combinatorics, Integrable Systems and Physics


March 20-24, 2017

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Fokko van de Bult:   Elliptic hypergeometric functions

Dmitry Chicherin:   Elliptic solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation

Sergey Derkachov:   Spin chains and Gustafson's integrals

Ilmar Gahramanov:   Integrable lattice models from SUSY gauge theories

Masahiko Ito:   A determinant formula associated with the elliptic hypergeometric integrals of type BCn

Makoto Katori:   Elliptic Dyson models

Hee-Cheol Kim:   Duality domain walls in 5d supersymmetric gauge theories

Masatoshi Noumi:   Discrete Painlevé equations and special functions

Andrei Okounkov:   Elliptic stable envelopes

Eric Rains:   The monodromy of an elliptic difference equation

Shlomo Razamat:   𝒩 = 1 CFTs, dualities, integrable models

Hjalmar Rosengren:   Basic hypergeometry and biorthogonal functions related to supersymmetric dualities

Simon Ruijsenaars:   Quantum integrable systems of elliptic Calogero-Moser type

Simon Ruijsenaars:   Hilbert-Schmidt integral operators vs. systems of elliptic Calogero-Moser type

Michael J. Schlosser:   Elliptic hypergeometric combinatorics

Vyacheslav P. Spiridonov:   Applications of the elliptic hypergeometric integrals

Yi Sun:   Affine Macdonald conjectures and special values of Felder-Varchenko functions

Takashi Takebe:   Q-operators for higher spin eight vertex models

Kouichi Takemura:   Degenerations of Ruijsenaars-van Diejen operator, q-Painlevé equations and q-Heun equations

Junya Yagi:   String theory and integrable lattice models

Yasuhiko Yamada:   q-Garnier system and its autonomous limit

Andrei Zotov:   Quantum and classical counterparts of quantum-classical correspondence in integrable systems

PDF files of some posters

Farrokh Attai and Edwin Langmann:   Series solutions of the non-stationary Heun equation

Tamás Görbe:   Elliptic Ruijsenaars-Schneider models on the complex projective space

Martin Hallnäs:   On the spectra of the complex Lamé operators

Nalini Joshi and Nobutaka Nakazono:   An elliptic Painléve equation from next-nearest-neighbor translation on the E8(1) lattice

Andrew Kels and Masahito Yamazaki:   Elliptic hypergeometric sum/integral transformations

Jules Lamers:   The constructive method for the elliptic solid-on-solid model with domain walls and a reflecting end

Takao Suzuki:   A generalization of the q-Painlevé VI equation from a viewpoint of a basic hypergeometric solution