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Current Interests

At the moment I am working on supergeometry. Supergeometry uses concepts from algebraic geometry, differential geometry and algebra.


General Interests

(Lie) Group Theory, Representation Theory, Supergravities, String Theory, Algebraic Geometry, Algebraic Groups, Cosmology.

Resumé PDF


Scaling cosmologies of N=8 gauged supergravity.
Jan Rosseel, Thomas Van Riet, DBW

Gauging CSO groups in N=4 Supergravity.
Mees de Roo, Sudhakar Panda, DBW

Dynamics of generalized assisted inflation.
Jelle Hartong, Andre Ploegh, Thomas Van Riet, DBW

Coset symmetries in dimensionally reduced heterotic supergravity.
Wissam Chemissaney, DBW

Group manifold reduction of dual N=1 d=10 supergravity.
Mees de Roo, Martijn G.C. Eenink, DBW

Potential and mass matrix in gauged N=4 supergravity.
Mees de Roo, Sudhakar Panda, M. Trigiante, DBW

De Sitter solutions in N=4 matter coupled supergravity.
Mees de Roo, Sudhakar Panda, DBW

Other Documented Publications and Private Notes

Thesis: Symmetries in N=4 Supergravities. PDF

Book 'Classical and quantum mechanics via Lie algebras'. PDF from ArXiv

Some preliminary notes on Calabi--Yau manifolds. PDF

A proof of Van der Waerden's theorem PDF

El Lema de Yoneda (in Spanish). PDF

Short (and private) notes on super Hopf algebras. Introductory PDF

Short (and private) notes on hyperelliptic curves. PDF

Dissertantenkolloquium: Supersymmetry and Supergeometry, 29/11/2007. PDF

Notes on supermatrices. PDF

Notes on SU(2) and SO(3). PDF

Very preliminary and not even finished notes on line bundles and divisors. PDF

An application of the Segre embedding: preliminary version of private notes. PDF

On the group ISO(1,1): private notes. PDF

A very small physics dictionary for mathematicians. PDF

Linear realization of conformal transformations PDF

An example from the lottery: restricted partitions PDF

Expository text on Syzygies: Syzygies without Tor. PDF

An easy example of an orbifold. PDF

Introduction to Superschemes. PDF

Small notes on Riemann's Theorem and Hartogs' Theorem. PDF TeX

Small notes on triangles and the Euler line. PDF TEX

Small notes on the Smith normal form, existence of a good basis and toric varieties PDF TEX

Notes proving relations involving associated Legendre polynomials PDF

Quick notes on Caratheodory's extension theorem PDF TEX

Small notes on the Fake Santa Game (Engelbengerl) PDF TEX

Das Periodensystem der Elemente PDF

Constrained Dynamics -- a short, preliminary text in trial version PDF

Coriolis and centrifugal forces - a coherent derivation of the emerging forces in rotating coordinate systems. PDF

Lagrangian points: Calculating their position and showing stability of L4 and L5. PDF

A worked out exercise on alternating permutations PDF

A little note on two fun alternating harmonic series PDF

Short note on Catalan numbers Englisch Deutsch

Basic ideas and derivations of SRT PDF

SRT Addendum: Accelerations PDF

Vierquadratesatz von Lagrange PDF

Deriving the basic equations of Mie theory PDF